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Integra Environmental is committed to keeping the air we breath clean. With over 35 years of experience, you can trust our team to minimize the environmental radioactivity caused by radon gas.

Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM)

A professional certified radon tester will place and retrieve the electronic monitor and mail you a full report.

If you are buying a home a radon professional must perform the test. The typical cost with a CRM is $150.

The electronic continuous radon monitor (CRM) gives hour by hour measurements of the radon levels in your home. The CRM equipment might look like the pictures below. Some equipment can determine if it is moved and may also measure temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure which might indicate someone opened windows in the test area.

There are a number of qualified companies who can test your home with very accurate radon monitors. Visit the PA DEP Radon website for a list of qualified testers. Click the PDF that is sorted by “County” and look up your county for local companies.

PA List of Certified Radon Companies

Radalink CRM

Pylon CRM

Certified Passive Radon Test

Some Professional Certified Testers may use passive detectors. The two commonly used types are charcoal detectors and E-PERMs.

These detectors give the average radon levels over the entire exposure period. The E-Perm method will tend to give a more accurate average than the charcoal detectors but is only available when placed and retrieved by an E-PERM certified test technician

To order “do it yourself” test kits call:

ABE Radiation Lab (610) 756-4153

or order test kits online from:

Air Chek Test Kits and Homeradontest.com

Charcoal Detectors


Long Term Radon Measurements

Most radon measurements are typically 2 to 4 days in length. You can also leave a radon detector in place for one month to one year. You need to expose one of the detectors pictured below to do a long term radon test.

A Professional Certified Radon tester can install and retrieve these devices in your home for about $175 or you can purchase them your self. Air Chek Test Kits and Homeradontest.com sell the long term detectors for about $30.

Inexpensive Electronic Radon Monitor

You can purchase your own electronic monitor that can be used over and over in different locations. This unit has sensitivity to measure radon levels every hour and give you the average radon levels and even a graph of the changes. It connects to your cell phone with Bluetooth. The data can be cleared and the unit moved to a different location to give the radon levels at that new location.

You can also purchase the basic Radon Eye RD200 for about $175 or the Radon Eye +2 that includes a clock and temperature for $375


Radtrak ATD

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